Monday, September 19, 2016

First meeting recap, Friday planning

Our first practice is in the books, and it looks like we've got a bright and enthusiastic crowd.  Our next meeting will be this Friday, from 5:30 to 8:00 again.  We will be heads down, building all of the LEGO models and machinery we'll need for our competition board.

Parents:  You should be receiving an email from me shortly if I have your email address.  If you haven't contacted me, please fill out the form on the right so that I can build a parent mailing list.  We will need some help providing healthy snacks for kids.  A signup sheet is available here, please sign up for some slots to keep our engineers on task.

I've added some additional Q&A to the FAQ page based on feedback tonight.

Many kids were very interested in learning more about the programming language, how the robots work, the sensors we can use, etc.  There are tons of great resources available online.  If you're looking to cultivate their curiosity...

  • visit the Resources page to download the LEGO EV3 software (free), check out the Mindstorms website, and more.  The LEGO EV3 software includes tons of tutorials which will help your child get familiar and confident with our programming environment.
  • pull up some FLL Youtube videos.  Learning from other kids is a great way of reinforcing the material from our practices
  • Visit the FLL website and explore.  There are tons of materials available.  

Kids:  You have some homework for Friday!

  1. Read the Challenge Guide and Challenge Point Values then talk about it with your parents or guardian.  What questions do you have?  
  2. Take a look at our Core Values and team expectations.  Come to each practice ready learn and work with your team.  
  3. Fill out the Field Research paper and bring it with you.
  4. Check out the build instructions and building tips.  What strategies will you use to work with your teammates to be sure that our finished models are correct?  Is there a particular model that you'd like to work on?