Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whiteboard to-do list

Team members have been generating a running to-do list as we explore our robot game.  The student who originally asked the question is responsible for doing some research and reporting back to the group.  Is your question on the board?  How are you researching the question?

Our model builds are now done, so we are shifting gears into design and programming of the robot.  The most critical input to this process is a sharp knowledge of our desired outcomes.  The goal of building the robot will be to accumulate the most challenge points in two and a half minutes of competition.

Strategies that students brainstormed:
  • Go for the highest point value tasks
  • Go for the easiest tasks
  • Identify tasks that can be accomplished at the same time/on the same run
  • Identify tasks that can be accomplished with the same robot attachment (hook, bucket, claw, etc.)
  • Identify the most efficient path of travel for a given set of tasks
  1. Now that we've used the models and set up the board, watch the video explaining each challenge again.    Pay very close attention to the models and the mechanical actions required.  Did your team build the model correctly?  Is your model working the same way as the video shows?  Is it placed on the board in the proper place?
  2. Work through Field Research Module 2.  As with the models and challenges, the best way to understand what to expect at the competition is just to experience it.  If you find a great video you'd like to share, email me the link and I'll post it.