Saturday, February 25, 2017

Code for BTV presentation

The local chapter of Code for America, Code for BTV, recently held an event where they invited folks to come and give lightening presentations of their projects that used open data.  Sounds like a job for the Pandas!

Several of our team members made the trip into Burlington to join the event.  There were local coders, graduate students, people from the Department of Transportation, artists, and more.  Though a little nervous at first, we got up in front of the gathering and presented our project concept and plans.

The reaction and reception was fantastic.  Everyone was very impressed with our team's work, and we made several key connections.  The DOT folks had the most experience with GIS maps, and thought that all of our concepts were implementable, giving us some good ideas of where to go next.

Great job, guys!  Every good engineer and inventor should be able to not only explain your ideas, but get others excited as well.  It looks like we managed to do that...