Friday, June 16, 2017 goes 100% live

Innovating on a new idea has some pretty big milestones.  The first comes when you get your big "aha moment".  The next when you make your first mock-up prototype.

It's those next steps, though, that can be the toughest.  After you know what you want to build and what it takes to do it, then the realities set in.  Do we have enough expertise to turn the mock up into reality?  How about the money to get it done?

We have some very exciting news to share...

Our team collaborated with Erik Engstrom, the GIS Pro at Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources to validate our project ideas and future direction.  He was an excellent source of information.  In fact, he believed in our concept so much that he volunteered his time to take our specification, and code it into a real, working demo that can find native bee habitat ANYWHERE in the entire state of Vermont.  

This is incredible!  It not only proves that our concept works, but it shows just how inexpensive the idea is to implement.  It's a launching point to demo our concept and find the right connections to take it to the next level.  It shows the power of our innovation.  Thank you Erik!

You can give it a test.  Hop on over to the site (yes, that's a web address!) and give it a go.  After loading in the maps, you'll be able to click on "Tools" to pull up various layers and see what ideal potential native bee habitat you have in your yard, town, county, or state!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our BeeFinder.og commercial

Here's a sneak peek at our "advertising campaign" for our project.  Enjoy!